Certificate EN 1568 part 3 – 4

August 2019 – i-​foam® Marine Certificate M19020 ( Module B ).

September 2019 – i-​foam® Marine Certificate M19040 ( Module B ).

November 2019 – i-​foam® Marine Certificate M19030 ( Module D ).

The MarED website contains information about the products certified under the Marine Equipment Directive.

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Marine equipment can only be installed on board ships flying the flag of an EU country, Norway, Iceland and other flag states if it is marked with the MED mark of conformity, also known as the “wheelmark”.

4 July 2020 Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) CAS No 335-67-1 EC No 206-397

  1. Shall not be manufactured, or placed on the market as substances on their own from 4 July 2020
  2. Shall not, from 4 July 2020, be used in the production of, or placed on the market