1 April 2019


IFoam is a High performance Class A+B extinguishing firefoam optimized for application in on-land environment and mixable with water. The stability of its foam is multiple times higher than conventional foams. That is the reason that burning liquids or areas can easily be covered with a foam blanket which will stay stable for an exeptional long time. Due to the stability of the foam the coverage area of fire cannons will be 25%-30% higher. This increased radius is very beneficial for the savety and performance of the fire fighters.

Product features

  • Very high extinguishing performance.
  • Fluorosurfactant-free of phosphate and butyldiglycol.
  • IFoam® is very easily degradable according to OECD.
  • Very high gas density.
  • Sticks to smooth and hot surfaces.
  • Safe covering of solid and liquid fires.
  • Can be used preventively.
  • Prevents flashbacks.

Technical information

  • Can be used as heavy, medium and light foam as well as wetting agents.
  • Can be mixed and applied by different systems.
  • Depending on the application from 0.1% to 6% immiscible.
  • Highest foam stability in liquid fires.
  • The burn-back rate according to EN 1568-3 for ifoam®> 20 minutes.
  • Very high throwing heights and throwing distances.
  • Not subject to labeling / no dangerous goods in accordance with the Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • Tested by accredited testing laboratory MPA Dresden and Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets.


  • IFoam®0 ° (frost resistant up to 0 ° C.).
  • Extinguishing power according to DIN 1568-3 = IA (non-polar), IC (Polar).
  • IFoam®-15 ° (frost-resistant to -15 ° C.).