IFoam Marine

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Efficient & Powerful

IFoam Marine is not only powerful at extinguishing fire class A+B fires, but also more economic in consumption than most competitors. IFoam can be used as heavy-, medium- or light-foam. Depending on the application the mixing ratio will be 0.1% to 6%. IFoam Marine can be mixed with sea-water and will stick to vertical and even hot surfaces. IFoam Marine can be used preventive and avoids flash backs.



IFoam Marine is despite its impressive extinguishing performance absolutely free of film-forming agents containing fluor, phospate or diethylene glycol butyl ether (NO AFFF foam). The foam of IFoam Marine is easily biodegradeable according to OECD. For this reason IFoam Marine does not have any labelling requirement and is not considered ‘dangerous goods’ for transportation and handling. All environmental testing has been conducted by accredited laboratories in Germany.


Foam Stability

IFoam Marine is a gel-foam extinguishing agent. The stability of its foam is multiple times higher than conventional foams (picture: IFoam Marine in the left bottle after 30min.). That is the reason that burning liquids or areas can easily be covered with a foam blanket which will stay stable for an exeptional long time. Due to the stability of the foam the coverage area of fire cannons will be 25%-30% higher. This increased radius is very beneficial for the savety and performance of the fire fighters.


Application in Fire-Sprinkler

IFoam Marine can be used in Fire-Sprinklers without any need of adaption of the system. The implementation of IFoam Marine will reduce water damage, will avoid flash backs and decrease the time for extinguishing. Additionally IFoam Marine can be used in engine rooms or electric rooms before a full evacuation of the room would make the use of CO2 possible.

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