3 April 2019

FireEx Marine

FireEX Marine (a spray can extinguisher) which covers 4 fire classes for small developing fires in recreational boats and cruise ship cabins.

All in One Solution
FireEX Marine is the All-In-One solution for incipient fire at sea. It covers fire class A / B / C / F. Even plastics and rubber as well as diesel and fat-fires can be extinguished.

Easy, Safe & Powerful
The FireEX Marine spray bottle is easier to use than any other fire extinguisher. It can be tilted 360 degrees without loss of efficiency. It’s performance is comparable or even greater than a classic fire-extinguisher of 6KG, as it covers 4 fire classes.

Extinguish & Protect
FireEX Marine is not only performing great whilest extinguishing any fire, it also protects from typical water damage due to it’s gel structure. Additionally all surfaces sprayed with FireEX Marine will be rendered flame resistant according to DIN 4102 B (low flammable).

Difficult Materials – fast extinguished
Even difficult materials can be extinguished fast and relieable. All plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide and rubber, tires and mixed plastic compounds. Additionally also oils such as crude oil, heavy oil or paraffin don’t resist the power of FireEX Marine.