1 April 2019

FireEx 600

Fire extinguisher spray, filled in a handy spray can with a capacity of 600g and many times more efficient than conventional fire extinguishing sprays.
With a suitability for fire classes (A / B / C / D / F), a spray length of 5 meters and a durability of 3 years, FireEx 600® is unique in the world.

The used and worldwide patented Prevento® extinguishing agent is a second-generation gel extinguishing foam and, in contrast to foam, powder, water or other gels “achieves above-average extinguishing results” especially in the case of problematic fires.

Prevento® adheres up to 100 times longer on smooth surfaces than water and can therefore be applied outside the fire area as a protective barrier. It captivates in sensitive areas such as EDP and electrical systems, as it does not cause any extinguishing damage such as fire extinguishing water. Damage and contamination caused by the use of other extinguishing agents is reduced or completely prevented.
FireEx 600® Gel-Extinguishing Foam can be used without restriction in all household, gastronomy, craft, car, caravan, boat and hobby and leisure activities fires.

Suitable for: solid materials (plastics, rubber, wood, cardboard, …), liquid substances (gasoline, diesel, solvents, …), gaseous substances and for oil and fat fires.


Particularly suitable for difficult fire materials,

  • Plastics polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, polyacrylates polyamides
  • Plastic waste, recycled plastics plastic mixtures
  • Rubber tire conveyor belts rubber bales
  • Coal coal seams coal dump coal dust
  • Oils Thermal oils (Marlotherm, Diephylöl) Hydraulic oils Lubricating oils
  • Heavy oil parafine

Benefits towards water and powder extinguishers,

  • Strong adhesion to the fire by gel-like consistency
  • 20 times better skin cooling in case of person burns
  • Extremely low extinguishing agent usage, – high efficiency
  • By impregnation effect high protection against flashback
  • Without further additives Frost and corrosion resistant
  • For problem substances such as rubber, plastic, hydraulic and special oils, etc.
  • Extremely efficient to use
  • 360 degrees sprayable