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Despite requirements at sea being totally different than on land, in the past mostly conventional extinguishing foams have been used at sea. The cooling requirements and use of as little water as possible has been long time ignored. Additionally the evironment was constantly disregarded with the use of AFFF foams containing hazardous chemicals.

From early youth the founders have been connected to the harbour and over the years got more and more aware of the threats of fire. They dedicated their work to redefine fire safety at sea completely. A main focus was to develop a solution that is scaleable to protect the family on a sports boat and also a cruise liner or an oil plattform.

After many years of research and development it was possible to merge all the requirements at sea into just 2 products: FireEX Marine and IFoam Marine.

With our products FireEX Marine and IFoam Marine we lift fire protection and fire fighting to the next level. Additionally we are eco-friendly as we do not use any hazardous chemicals.

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