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FireEX Marine & IFoam Marine are fire protection solutions for the marine sector. MED certified & PFAS free.

  • Protecting the Environment.
  • Providing high Performance.


Higher Performance


Less Consumption





What we do

We develop scaleable maritime fire protection solutions, that cover the whole range from incipient fire up to a major blaze and set new standards at sea.



Our team of experts develops the most advanced fire protection strategies for your safety application. Scaleable from sports yachts up to cruise liners, container ships or oilplattforms.

Live Demonstration

During our on-site presentations fire scenarios will be defined by our costumers and proof the close to real performance of our products. We consider this necessary as standardised fires do not exist in the real world of fire fighters.


Together with our costumers we lift security standards to a new level and guarantee cost efficiency due to low consumption and high performance of our products.


We provide a broad and indiviual set of training sessions for costumers and dealers to fully benefit from the top notch technology implemented into our products.


Together with costumers, dealers and industrie experts we continue to develop our products for special applications or even higher performance.


Prevent Tec assures world wide service for our costumers. With the expertise of our local dealers we safe life, here and around the globe.

Saving human life requires powerful Gel & Foam

With FireEX Marine we developed the first easy to use Gel-Extinguisher for 4 fire-classes. With IFoam Marine we provide the first high performance Class A+B extinguishing foam optimized for application in on-sea environment and mixable with seawater. Both specially developed for the requirements at sea.


More Stable


more range

Fire Classes


Faster Extinguishing

Why we are different

For decades the industrie relied on water, powder and hazardous AFFF Foams. With just 2 products – FireEX Marine and IFoam Marine – we revolutionize fire fighting on sea. Incipient fires we tackel with our ground braking FireEX Marine fire extingishing gel: High performance for fire class A,B,C and F and no flash back makes this easy to use spray bottle a unique weapon for first responders.
Our high performance foam IFoam Marine covering class A and B, outperforms known AFFF foams by speed, range and efficientcy. Thats enough to seperate us from the crowd

Try this at home

This 30 minutes timelaps shows IFoam Marine (left glass) and a conventional foam (right glass). The conventional foam is stirred up twice during the time laps. Even though, almost all water has seperated out of the foam whilest IFoam Marine is still fully intact.

Our Advantages

Our extinguishing gel and foam will not get impacted by typical vibrations of diesel engines at sea. The extinguishing performance will stay unchanged for years. Our products have been tested to comply with highest standards of environmental laws. At the same time they convince our costumers with high performance and low consumtion. Quality products developed and made in Germany.

  • Vibration Proof
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Made in Germany

It is time to bring fire safety to the next level and also protect the environment more than ever before. It is time for products that have been developed specially for use at sea.

Outstanding Solutions

Dive into the details with our team of experts. Where can FireEX Marine best be used ? How can fire protection be optimised ? How can IFoam Marine be introduced into fire sprinkler ? Plan together with us the steps towards more security and environmental safety.

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